Education & Training

2005 PowerPoints - National Conference for Science, Technology and Law

Dr. Robert W. Black: Investigation of Child Abuse

Dr. Susan Brinkley: CCTV Technology and Privacy Concerns

Michael R. Bromwich: Making Sure that Science Serves Justice: The Case of the Houston Police Department Crime Lab

Major George Cadavid: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

W. Mark Dale: Biotracks - We Need, So We Must Find a Way

Nola Tedesco Foulston: Presentation

Paul Giannelli: Reliability & Forensic Science and Gianelli Updates Document and Gianelli Updates Presentation

Susan Haack: Scrutining Peer Review

Gregory Hoffman: Operation Disruption

Hon. Elizabeth A. Jenkins: Accuracy: A Trial Judge’s Perspective

Dr. Laura Mosqueda: Investigation of Abuse: Use of Science, Technology and Law in Detection and Resolution

Joseph L. Peterson: The Evolving Forensic Sciences

Dr. Douglas Posey: Elderly Abuse

Richard E. Powers: UAB Disability Justice Program

Dr. Carl M. Selavka: Quality in Forensic Service Accuracy & Reliability Are Present, Just Like on CSI, Right? and Impact of New Technologies FOM Stands For “Fantastically Organized Magic”, Right?

Adam Shostack: Protecting Society by Protecting Information

Christopher Slobogin: Virtual Searches

Andrew W. Vail: Recording Custodial Interrogations

Richard Willing: Presentation