Education & Training

2006 PowerPoints - National Conference for Science, Technology and Law

Dr. Jack Ballantyne: The Determination of Physical Feathers of the Donor of a Crime Scene Sample

Sue Ballou: Biogeographical Ancestry Prediction Based on DNA (SNPs) for Investigative Leads

Dr. William P. Bozeman: Medical Safety Update Less Lethal Weapons/Conducted Energy Devices (CED)

John H. Cunha, Jr.: Latent Fingerprints and #2

Richard W. Downing: Federal Identity Theft Investigations

Dr. J.C. Upshaw Downs: Less Than Lethal Force: A Medical Examiner's View

Dr. Ken Furton: Forensic Evidence Case Law Developments: Canines in Court

Paul Gianelli: Recent Developments

Rockne P. Harmon: DNA-Based Ancestry Prediction

Cynthia Holt: Wikis, Blogs, and More: New Keys That Unlock New Possibilities

Dr. Bruno D.V. Marino: EME: Signal to Society

Stephen B. Meagher: Latent Prints: Aftermath from Mayfield Erroneous Identification

Stephen B. Meagher: Fingerprints: Science and the Law

Dr. Dana Hunt, Dr. John Carnevale, Sheryl Rabin, Walter Rodriguez, Mark Evans: MethPanel - Science, Law and Law Enforcement of Methamphetamine

John Morgan: Presentation

Rick W. Smith: TASER Non-Lethal Weapons: Safety Data & Field Results
Taser Video
Taser Video
Ultrasound Video

Dr. Susan Zucker: Technology, Research in Education: Current Trends in DL