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Investigation Resources

Solving Cold Cases resource for investigative information. Includes:

Practical Considerations

Discusses evidence considerations, including evidence handling and contamination issues; legal considerations, including chain of custody and statutes of limitations issues; and victim and witness considerations.

Identifying, Analyzing, and Prioritizing Cases

Sections include: Identify Potential Cases for Review | Case Review: Establish Priorities | Locating Case Files, Obtaining Evidence Logs, and Other Documentation | Evaluate for Probative Evidence | Continue Investigative Protocol | Follow Agency Procedures for Submitting DNA to CODIS | Prepare a John Doe Warrant

Sample Case Priorty Checklist

Sample checklist includes considerations for prioritizing cases.

Implementing a Cold Case Homicide Unit

Article from the 2/05 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.

Resurrecting Cold Case Serial Homicide Investigations

Article from the 8/05 Law Enforcement Bulletin discusses the role of the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NVAVC) in assisting cold cases.

Cold Cases

Chapter 8 of Every Contact Leaves a Trace by Connie Fletcher.

Homicide 101: Solvability and How to Increase Clearance Rates

Article by Elton Lewis from 6/25/05 issue of The Beat. Archive also includes articles on solvability factors from 1/23/06 and 3/20/06.