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Cold Case Investigation Training Opportunities

Advanced Forensic Death Investigation From Crime Analysis to Cold Case; Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board

A training course for law enforcement in advanced death investigation is being offered by certified mobile training units.

Amber Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program

A 4 day course in advanced investigative techniques that includes cold case training will soon be offered.

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

The AAFS is offering several workshops on investigative techniques and the role of DNA in cold case resolution at the annual meeting.

Butler Tech Law Enforcement Institute

A two-day course is offered in Ohio by an adult professional education institution.

Centre for Forensic Science; The University of Western Australia

This centre will customize training courses in the area of cold case review and provide instruction via video and written materials for international clients.

The Cold Case Forum

This organization provides one or two day on-site workshops and seminars for investigating open and unresolved death cases.

Cold Case Investigation; California Department of Justice Training Center

The Advanced Training Center offers a 40-hour course in cold case investigation that allows students to bring in real cold cases in order to work through them and bring them back to active status. A telecourse option is also available for those not able to attend the live instruction.

Cold Case Investigation; Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science National Cold Case Center

The institute offers one-day courses periodically in cold case investigation and are free on a first come first serve basis.

Colorado Peace Officer Training Project

The training curriculum includes a course on cold case investigation. The training calendar is updated frequently.

Crime Scene Reconstruction and Cold Case Investigation; George Mason University Office of Continuing Professional Education

This course, led by Henry Lee, will provide new investigative techniques and technological tools for cold cases investigations.

Death Scene Analysis and Cold Case Investigation; Taylor Group

This organization offers two or three-day courses on cold case investigations. Training can be modified to fit the experience/knowledge level of participants.

DNA and Crime Scene Management; Fox Valley Technical College

A course is being offered for law enforcement that looks at the use of DNA in resolving cold case investigations. - NIJ-Sponsored Regional Cold Case Training

Cold case training events from the National Forensic Science Technology Center, sponsored by NIJ.

Fairfax County, Virginia Criminal Justice Academy

Courses are offered in cold case techniques for homicide cases periodically.

Forensic Training Services and Police Training Services

A four-day course is offered on homicidal cold case investigations that will examine established and new methods for resolving open cases.

Homicide Investigation; Miami Dade Police Department

A course is being offered that looks at managing and controlling unresolved homicide cases.

"Inside the Tape" Death Investigation Training for Law Enforcement

This three day training course on death investigation includes a cold case component and is offered at various locations nationwide.

Institute of Investigative Science

This organization offers courses in death scene and cold case analysis. Seminars are scheduled every two weeks.

Institute of Police Technology and Management

Courses related to investigation of unresolved deaths are offered for police officers on a regular basis.

Introduction to APD CSI; Albuquerque Police Department

A course for the general public led by law enforcement officers and personnel for the Metropolitan Forensic Crime Center will be offered on CSI principles and will include a discussion about methods employed in cold case investigations.

Law Enforcement Regional Planning and Training Program; Wilson Technical Community College

A 3-day course in advanced investigative techniques for unresolved homicide investigation is scheduled.

Law Enforcement Training Network

This organization offers training in cold case investigations through television on-demand programs with follow-up written tests to test officers on the information presented.

Maryland Mid-Atlantic Cold Case Homicide Investigators' Association

This organization plans to offer seminars, conferences, and training classes in the area of cold case investigations.

National Center for Missing Adults

NCMA is offering a course in investigative methods for locating missing adults that includes the resolution of cold cases.

National Forensic Science Technology Center

NFSTC sponsors regional cold case training that aims to show local law enforcement how federal resources can aid their investigations.

Naval Criminal Investigative Services

NCIS offers free courses periodically to law enforcement officers on investigating cold cases.

North Alabama Law Enforcement Training Center

A course in cold case investigation is being offered to law enforcement for in-service training.

Police Training

A large calendar of training classes for law enforcement is offered, including classes that offer cold case training nationwide.

Southeastern Law Enforcement Training Seminars

A forensic themed seminar will be presented with an entire day devoted to cold case investigative techniques.

Stewart Forensic Consultants

This company offers training and consultation in cold case investigative techniques.

Texas District and County Attorneys Association Investigators School

Seminars on prosecuting cold cases and state funds for investigating for such cases are offered.