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NIJ/DOJ Resources

Cold Cases: Resources for Agencies, Resolution for Families

Article by Charles Heurich from July 2008 NIJ Journal.

Cold Cases: Strategies Explored at NIJ Regional Trainings

Article by Beth Schuster from July 2008 NIJ Journal.

Funding Opportunities - DOJ

This site lists information on funding available from DOJ.

Funding Opportunities - NIJ

This site lists information on funding available from NIJ.

How Cold Case Squads Work

From the Bureau of Justice Assistance, this website outlines the workings of a cold case squad, resources for developing a cold case squad and links to resources to augment the functionality of a cold case squad.

Implementing a Cold Case Homicide Unit: A Challenging Task

The article provides insight into the budgetary constraints of running a cold case unit and the resolve of the district attorney to prosecute after a successful investigation.

National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

The NCAVC uses FBI resources to help state and local law enforcement agencies solve violent crimes and cold cases.

National Forensic Science Technology Center

This NIJ-funded center provides links to cold case training and assessment programs to assist cold case units.

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (JUSTNET)

A NIJ Office of Science and Technology funded program, whose website contains links to training assistance, testing and evaluation, and technology assistance for cold case programs.

New Technology and Old Police Work Solve Cold Sex Crimes

The article discusses a NIJ grant awarded to the Phoenix Police Department to establish the Phoenix Cold Case Sex Crime Team.

NIJ Special Report: Using DNA to Solve Cold Cases

The document presents an overview of using DNA and DNA databases to aid in solving cold cases.

Presidentís DNA Initiative

NIJ funded site for forensic DNA resources. Includes:

Case Review - Establish Priorities

The article provides an outline on how to evaluate and prioritize cold cases to best utilize available resources. Sample checklist provided.

Cold Hits

The article provides protocols to evidence preservation and DNA sampling to use in a computer database to match DNA to link suspects to cold case files.

Resurrecting Cold Case Serial Homicide Investigations

The article introduces the FBIís National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) and how it can help local and state agencies solve cold cases.

Using DNA to Solve Cold Cases

"This NIJ Special Report serves as a practical resource for law enforcement personnel who review old, cold, or unsolved cases that may be solved through the use of DNA technology and databases. The report looks at the science and technology of DNA testing and databases and provides background information on legal and practical considerations for applying DNA technology to unsolved cases. It also delivers a step-by-step process to help investigators select cases that would most likely be solved with DNA evidence."