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Victim Assistance & Prevention Resources

Anna Maria College's Molly Bish Center

Utilizing the experience and talents of the college's faculty and in collaboration with a variety of agencies such as the Massachusetts State Police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Center creates training and educational programs designed to "speak and act" against threats to human life, particularly the lives of children and the elderly, including programs that focus on victim and family counseling and child abduction.

Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation

The Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation is committed to raising public awareness of the issue of missing persons, who have gone missing under suspicious circumstances, and of innocent people who have fallen victim to the most violent of crimes. To accomplish this mission, the Foundation offers support and resources to aggrieved families in an effort to bring them hope and resolution. Under qualifying circumstances, the Foundation posts rewards for families of victims who lack the financial means to do so themselves. These rewards provide a tool to help law enforcement find missing persons and bring perpetrators to justice.

Cold Case Investigations: A Guide for Victims and Their Families

Published in conjunction with the Victim Assistance Unit of the Denver Police Department Cold Case Homicide Detectives, this on-line guide is a tool to assist victims' family members in homicide cases that have been classified as or are being investigated as cold cases cope with the administrative, legal and investigative processes related to cold cases.

Crime Prevention Series

Part of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), the Crime Prevention Series offers an on-line publication, "Missing Children: Advice, Information and Preventative Action for Parents, Teachers and Counsellors" by Paul Wyles, includes counselling and advice intended to support and help families and friends of missing children and a historical listing (not updated since publication in 1998) of referral agencies.

Families of Homicide Victims And Missing Persons (FOHVAMP)

Non-profit organization of Colorado families of homicide victims and missing persons whose cases remain unresolved dedicated to supporting and connecting with other similarly-situated families to "compare notes," work together with authorities to improve communication and investigative practices, seek state-funded cold case squads, raise money for rewards to encourage leads, post billboards and initiate media appearances to raise awareness, and build a database of unresolved homicides and missing person cases.

FBI Kids Crime Prevention: Abduction

This webpage, part of the FBI's Missing and Exploited Children's Program under the Missing Children's Assistance Act, includes a section that addresses the psychological impact of abduction on the child and family.

Federal Resources on Missing and Exploited Children: A Directory for Law Enforcement and Other Public and Private Agencies

As part of the U. S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime, this webpage lists victim advocacy, compensation and support groups offering a variety of services to the families of missing children.

Hope in Motion

Part of the website Outpost for Hope at, a nonprofit organization that focuses on an "undefined and often un-reported silent population of missing children and adults" such as those with a history of drug use, homelessness, or mental illness, this webpage allows family or friends of missing "victims" to post & view "hope thoughts" through

I Care: Missing Persons Cold Cases

Originally created to find information about a missing sister, this website has evolved into a general online discussion forum about cold cases.

Knights of Kindness

Knights of Kindness, a website created by "good and caring people," includes a webpage that serves as a link to missing children agencies in the United States and Canada, missing children information centers, law enforcement agencies, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Lost and the Found Global Resource Center

As an organization dedicated to "provide new and highlight existing important programs and services" within the volunteer sector to assist "in the identification process of the deceased as well as the location of the missing" and as a site to provide other available resources related to unidentified and missing persons, the site includes a searchable database of support organizations for the families of victims.

National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA)

Operating as the national clearinghouse for missing adults for the Nation's Missing Children Organization, Inc. (NMCO)], the Center provide services and coordination between various government agencies, law enforcement, media, and most importantly - the families of missing adults."

National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children

Organization that provides the "on-going emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors" of murdered children in numerous ways including the following: 1) helps survivors deal with their acute grief; 2) helps survivors deal with the criminal justice system; 3) links survivors with others in the same area who have dealt with the murder of a loved one; 4) provides individual assistance, support and advocacy; 5) helps parents or members of the victim's immediate family form a chapter of POMC in their community; 6) provides training to professionals in fields including mental health and social work learn more about survivors of homicide victims.

New Technology and Old Police Work Solve Cold Sex Crimes

2003 FBI publication detailing the multidisciplinary team approach developed to reopen cold case sex crime cases including strategies to help reluctant or frightened victims cope with reopening their cases such as providing professional victim advocates to act as a resource referral for long-term assistance.

Outpost for Hope

This nonprofit organization focuses on an "undefined and often un-reported silent population of missing children and adults" such as those with a history of drug use, homelessness, or mental illness and provides links to support groups.

Songs for Parents of Missing Children

CD featuring songs "culled from actual experience expressing the hopes, fears, anguish, sense of loss and enduring love felt by parents of missing children," with all proceeds donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Survivors of Homicide Victims

Webpage, as part of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC), at, addressing the many aspects facing the survivors of homicide victims, primarily the turmoil and numbness and stress experienced by survivors.


Established in 1998, Team HOPE, part of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, provides parents and other family members of a missing child with emotional and additional assistance and support through trained and experienced volunteers who have or still have a missing child.

Victim Assistance Unit Cold Case Homicide Booklet

Created by the Cold Case Unit, this booklet addresses the feelings of "uncertainty, anger and shock" that a family may face when learning that law enforcement has a new development or is otherwise reopening an unsolved homicide.

Victim Assistance Unit (VAU) Cold Case Victim Services

A webpage created by the Denver Police Department's Cold Case Investigations Units dedicated to the services available to the families of unsolved homicides including access to a a full-time Cold Case Victim Specialist.