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The National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology & the Law at Stetson University College of Law
Information center about forensic and scientific evidence and expert witness testimony; includes free searchable database of research sources, including cases and legislation nationwide, secondary authority, and other helpful resources.

American Judicature Society Institute of Forensic Science and Public Policy
Devoted to improving the administration of justice through the application of cross-disciplinary research and education.

National Institute of Justice: Forensic Sciences
Provides the full text of many NIJ publications related to forensic sciences, as well as descriptions of related NIJ programs and funding sources. One of the essential works for forensics is the FBI's Handbook of Forensic Services, the text of which can be found online at the FBI website ( It provides "guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods of collecting, preserving, packaging, and shipping evidence" and describes "the forensic examinations performed by the FBI's Laboratory Division and Investigative Technology Division." This online version is divided into four major sections: Introduction, Evidence Examinations, Crime-Scene Search, and Crime-Scene Safety. The Handbook is also available in print from the FBI.

Forensic Sciences /forensics.html
Annotated web guide from George Washington University that points to forensic science resources around the Internet.

Daubert Tracker
Database that tracks U.S. federal and state court decisions and supporting documents about "evidentiary gatekeeping." It provides a database of all reported decisions and many unreported decisions dating back to 1993. It also fills in any missing information regarding the expert's name, discipline, area of expertise challenged, and results of the challenge. The Daubert Tracker is a fee-based service, with a subscription available.

Scientific Working Groups/Technical Working Groups

SWGDRUG - Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs

SWGFAST - Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study, and Technology

SWGGUN - Scientific Working Group for Firearms and Toolmarks

SWGSTAIN - Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

TWGFEX Technical Working Group for Fire and Explosives

Judicial Training Opportunities

National Judicial College

Federal Judicial Center

National Association of State Judicial Educators

Science Education Programs for the State and Federal Judiciary at Year 2001 from the Grant Sawyer Center for Justice Studies at University of Nevada. dicialSciencePrograms.pdf

Prepared by the Research Department of the National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology and the Law at Stetson University College of Law, July 2007, for the 2007 ABA Annual Meeting program, Scientific Evidence in the Courts: What's on the Horizon?.