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Course Title: Forensic Science Course for Capital Litigators - Self-Study
Course #1401336N

Course Conclusion

Thank you for studying the content of the fourteen (14) major forensic topics presented in Forensic Science for Capital Litigators Course Self-Study. Among them are: Anthropology, Blood Pattern Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Digital and Multimedia Sciences, DNA, Entomology, Expert Witnesses, Eyewitness Evidence, Forensic Science Research for Lawyers, Odontology, Pathology, Pattern Evidence, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences, Toxicology.

The course was approved by the Florida Bar for the following continuing education credit hours:

  • 25 General Credits
  • 2 Mental Health Credits
  • 2 Substance Abuse Credits
Participants must apply for CLE credits no later than 9/18/2015. The participant may study the entire program or a portion of it. It is the participant's responsibility to post the correct amount of CLE credits for the minutes attended.

In Florida, course numbers can only be posted once; in other words, Florida does not have a carry-over policy for CLE credit. The participant is only allowed to post credits one time per course. Once a participant has completed the portions of the program they wish to learn, they should report their credit. If a participant completes part of the program and they post credits for that part and then they complete another part of the course at some later time, the participant will not be able to claim credit for the latter part.

To apply for CLE credits in Florida: Go to Refer to course #1401336N.

Participants in states other than Florida should check with their state bars for their specific regulations.

To apply for CLE credit hours if you are in a state other than Florida, apply to your state bar and report the completion of this self-study as Forensic Science Course for Capital Litigators course #1401336N.

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