Education & Training

NCSTL sponsors talks by guest lecturers each year to which the Stetson
and larger communities are invited.

PTSD Panel (from left to right): LTC Rabb; in the Eleazer Courtroom at Stetson - Professor Allen, Judge Russell, Professor Morgan; Dr. Weaver. Not pictured: DJ Jacobs.

Emerging Issues: Returning Veterans, PTSD and Other Injuries, and Their Impact on the Criminal Justice System - October 31, 2008. WMNF News Story.

Coming soon: webcast, transcript, and audio interview of the PTSD panel in Gulfport, FL. CLE approved by Florida Bar.

Forensic Linguistic Examination of Evidence - Dr. Frances Rock - September 16, 2008.
Dr. Frances Rock webcast
. Transcript of Dr. Rock's lecture coming soon.

Forensic Anthropology: From Crime Scene to Crime Fiction and Forensic Dentistry - Dr. Kathy Reichs and Dr. Robert Dorion - February 5, 2007. NPR Interview, Radio Link, and Webcast. Full Presentation.

Terrorists, Hurricanes and Viruses: What’s Next? - Dr. James G. Young, March 13, 2006. Full Presentation.

The Impact of DNA Evidence In Addressing Human Rights Issues in the Philippines and Other Uses of DNA Worldwide - Dr. Maria Corazon De Ungria and Christopher Asplen, January 23, 2006. Webcast and Full Presentation.

Forensic Pathology on Both Sides of the Pond - Drs. Michael Baden and Peter Dean, April 4, 2005. Webcast.

Advances in Forensic Science - Dr. Henry Lee, March 15, 2004. Webcast and Archived Audio.

Forensic Investigations Human Rights Violations in Kosovo - DR. HELENA RANTA, February 12, 2004. Archived Audio.

Forensic Medicine Odyssey - Dr. Cyril Wecht, February 11, 2004. Webcast and Archived Audio.

Complete History of Murder and Science in One Hour - Dr. Michael Baden, January 29, 2004. Webcast and Archived Audio.