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Susan Constantine - Speaker/Trainer/Body Trainer Expert.

The Crime, Science, and Information Show with Christine Funk

IACP TV - NCSTL Director Carol Henderson talks about the importance of forensic science and introduces LODIS at the International Association of Police Chiefs 116th Annual Conference and Exposition, Denver, Colorado, USA. The conference was held October 3-7, 2009.

LODIS (Local DNA Index System): A simple investigative tool to generate DNA leads

National Institute of Justice:
Audio podcasts
Videos from a recent NIJ Conference

NCSTL Advisory Council members, professionals from diverse specialties, spoke about their work and forensics, and were recorded at a recent Annual Advisory Council meeting.

Audio and video from a recent AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Science) Annual Meeting: The NCSTL recorded many professionals from diverse specialties.

National Academy of Science (NAS) podcasts, Sounds of Science, are short 10-minute episodes which focus on a wide range of critical issues in science, engineering, and medicine.

Scott Farrell Radio Show: Director of Outreach, Anjali Swienton, discussed DNA in 3-parts:
Part I, December 17, 2008 - Part II and Part III, January 21, 2009

Montel Williams TV Show:
NCSTL Director Carol Henderson discusses the work at the Body Farm and Dr. Henry Lee discusses bizarre forensic cases, January 17, 2008
NCSTL Director Carol Henderson discusses forensic science, women's roles in this field, and the CSI Effect, November 1, 2007

Science Debate 2008: Candidates answer 14 top science questions posed by dozens of top science organizations. Issues include: innovation, climate change, energy, education, national security, pandemics and biosecurity, genetic research, stem cells, ocean health, water, space, scientific integrity, research, and health.