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Historical Collection of Questioned Documents, Firearms and Ballistics Donated to NCSTL
Diane Gustafson, NCSTL Coordinator

The NCSTL Library Reference Collection was recently the recipient of a comprehensive set of books, documents, articles, photographs, reference materials and personal papers from the estate of Mr. Douglas A. Caywood. Mrs. Janet Caywood, his wife, generously donated this important and historical collection to the NCSTL for which the NCSTL is extremely grateful.

Mr. Caywood systematically collected a wealth of information regarding questioned documents, firearms and ballistics over the course of lifetime. Mr. Caywood entered military service as an Infantryman in 1941 and served overseas as an instructor with the Chinese National Army, In Yunnan Province, Free China. He briefly left the service to attend the University of Colorado then re-entered military service in 1946 and was assigned to Germany where he entered the Criminal Investigation Laboratory Service.

Upon completion of apprentice training in general criminalistics under the commander of the U.S. Army Crime Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany, he presented the first Questioned Documents case before a U.S Military Government Court in September 1948. Mr. Caywood went on to serve with the Army Crime Laboratories in the United States and Japan as well as repeated tours of duty with the European Crime Lab. Mr. Caywood served as an expert witness in Questioned Documents before all levels of military courts for all U.S. forces, as well as Japanese Criminal Courts, from 1948 to 1970 and later served as a private consultant and expert witness.