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From the Research Desk: Update
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

Happy New Year!

NCSTL has exciting plans for the first quarter of 2008. Our database is being upgraded to allow an easier, more user-friendly search experience. It will be easier to limit your search to a particular part of a record, date and location searching will be easier, and you won't have to worry about whether your book title has punctuation when you search for it. Look for changes in the coming months.

The NCSTL database continued to grow in 2008. We added over 17,000 new records to the database in 2008, for a current total of more than 76,000 records. Last year, the NCSTL website had over 84,000 visitors who performed more than 19,000 database searches. Most visitors are from the United States, but we also got visitors from 113 other countries in 2008. 81% of our visitors link directly to us through a bookmark or by typing the URL into their browsers; however, 11% find us through search engines like Google, and 8% connect through a link they find on another website.

Then NCSTL Special Collection in the Stetson Law Library is the only special collection of its kind in any major law library. The collection was moved to a bigger section of the library in 2008. We added 349 new titles in 2008, and the collection currently boasts 2195 titles. Through the Interlibrary Loan system, these special materials are able to be borrowed by professionals and scholars from across the world.

In the past three months we have added many new pages and bibliographies to the Related Links and Education sections of the website, including varied topics such as DNA postconviction policy, PTSD, and expert witness testimony.

We are eagerly awaiting the improvements to be made with the new upgrade and will be looking for your feedback. Stay tuned for more information.