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From the Research Desk: Update
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

Happy New Year!

2009 brought exciting changes to NCSTL with the midyear launch of our new website. This upgrade brought with it an improved database with three search options for research flexibility and an easier, more user-friendly search experience. Novice searchers and those looking for a quick answer can take advantage of our Keyword Search option (basic search), while more experienced researchers can use Quick Search and Expert Search to manipulate search queries and obtain more precise results.

The NCSTL website experienced an increase in traffic of 42% in 2009. Last year, the NCSTL website had almost 120,000 visitors who performed more than 17,000 database searches. Most visitors are from the United States, but we also got visitors from 154 other countries in 2009, making NCSTL a truly international resource. It is also important to note that the Stetson Law Library houses a special NCSTL collection of hardcopy material, which includes 2290 book and journal titles. These materials are available to all through interlibrary loan.

Additionally, the NCSTL database continues to grow. We added over 17,000 records to the database in 2009. We introduced a new collection of records for multimedia resources, which includes bibliographic information for all types of multimedia, including webcasts and other audio and video materials. The database currently holds over 93,000 records, and almost 3000 of those are multimedia records.

Finally, we said goodbye to Law & Science Fellow, Alla Zagrebelsky, in 2009, and welcome new Law & Science Fellow, Erica Pless, in 2010. Erica is not new to NCSTL, however. As a Stetson law student, Erica first volunteered with NCSTL, and then worked with the Research Department. We look forward to having her on board as we enthusiastically begin this new year.