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From the Research Desk...
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to report that NCSTL's website continued to experience outstanding growth in 2010. With a total of almost 134,000 website visits, traffic to increased by 12% over the last year. Even more impressive is that visits to the site have increased by over 800% since the end of 2005. Also interesting to note is that new user registrations soared last year, increasing to 2,418 new user registrations in 2010, compared to only 814 the previous year. While registration is not required to use any part of the NCSTL site, many people feel it is worth their while to register anyway.

Nearly 20,000 people searched the database in 2010, which continues to grow by leaps and bound. NCSTL added its 100,000th record at a celebration at American University Law School in May, and by the end of the year, the database contained almost 114,000 records. Since we went online in 2005, we have added an average of 1,583 new records per month. We also have a growing collection of multimedia records, which we only began adding to the database eighteen months ago. The database now contains 7,000 of those records.

2010 brought team member changes to the research department. We said goodbye to Research Attorney Catherine Guthrie Bailey, who decided to focus full time on new motherhood. We wish her all the best in her new pursuit and sincerely thank her for her many years worth of contributions to NCSTL. We said hello to NCSTL Fellow Ellen Cannon Mizio, who brings a different type of experience to the research team. Ellen's experience in the library community will help NCSTL develop as an online "library without walls." Kevin Paget changed positions from Law and Science Fellow to Research Attorney, while Erica Good Pless, former research contractor, joined the team as a Law and Science Fellow. Our contract library liaison and NCSTL cataloger, Tony Smith, has now officially joined the Stetson Law Library staff, but will still be working on the NCSTL collection as part of his duties. This semester we also welcome back our hardworking student Research Assistants, Doug Jackson, Chelsea Harrison, and Casim Neff, who have been doing an outstanding job.