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From the Research Desk: Update
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

The debut of NCSTL’s new website brings exciting upgrades in database searching. The new database offers researchers three different search options: Keyword Search, Quick Search, and Expert Search.

The Keyword search is the simplest search option. You can use it to perform an overall search for a word or phrase. You can also use it to see an entire list of records in one topic and/or resource type. For example, imagine you want to locate books about biometrics. On the Keyword Search page, first check the box next to Biometrics (Step 1), then check the box next to Books, Encyclopedias & Treatises (Step 2). The text box in Step 3 is optional, so you can leave it blank. Click Search and the entire list of holdings for books about biometrics will appear on your screen.

If you want to get a little more specific with your searching, you can try our new Quick Search interface. A Quick Search will allow everything a keyword search allows, but also provides a few more options. Quick Search lets you search for specific information like titles, author names, dates, conference venues, and more. It helps narrow your search because you can limit searching to results where words or phrases occur only in the fields you choose.

The final new search method for the NCSTL database is the Expert Search. Providing full Boolean capability, Expert Search is designed for researchers who are very familiar with online search construction. Expert researchers can manipulate Expert Search to put a search together from scratch, exactly the way they want.

Another change to the database will be the inclusion of records for multimedia resources. This feature is coming soon!