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Dr. Susan Zucker, Director of Technology and Distance Education and Publisher of It's Evident

The new NCSTL website has been launched and we are very excited about all the changes. I personally would like to thank the other members of our development team: Frank Gepfrich, Programmer and Principle of Gepcom, Inc., who personally guided us through this complex process and whose company programmed the new site; Theresa Hodges, graphic artist, whose creativity enlives the unique, digital presence of the NCSTL; and Diana Botluk, whose expertise guides the continual development of the NCSTL forensic database. I would also like to thank Ricardo Camacho, NCSTL Program and Grants Compliance Manager, who was responsible for managing the website funding, as well as all those who reviewed and critiqued the site before the launch. Lastly, thanks go to Carol Henderson, for without her ideas and unwavering support, this innovative website would not be possible.

The new site provides an efficient, non-subscription database interface to help users access and search more easily. New media elements are showcased, such as RSS Feeds, podcasts, and NCSTL’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The Calendar provides a compilation of events, nationally and internationally, in forensic science, law, technology, and education. People regularly consult the NCSTL Calendar to learn of events. If you have an event you would like listed, please write to:

It's Evident, NCSTL's quarterly e-newsletter, features articles on all things forensic. Guest writers are featured in the newsletter regularly along with staff submissions. It's Evident is very popular with our readers. Check out the latest issue of It's Evident and the archived issues, too.

NCSTL and Social Media: NCSTL now has a Facebook page - NCSTL Facebook as well as a presence on Twitter. NCSTL invites you to become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter ...

I hope you enjoy the new look of the NCSTL online! You are invited to email me your comments/suggestions at: