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From the Research Desk: Update
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

Greetings from the Research Department!

In this election season, what views do the two presidential candidates have on scientific issues? Check out our new link to Science Debate 2008, where the candidates answer 14 top science questions posed by dozens of top science organizations. Issues include: innovation, climate change, energy, education, national security, pandemics and biosecurity, genetic research, stem cells, ocean health, water, space, scientific integrity, research, and health.

This quarter we welcome two new Law & Science Fellows, Kevin Paget and Alla Zagrebelsky.

Kevin is a new full-time staff member at NCSTL, but he is not new to the program. Kevin began volunteering with NCSTL while a law student at Stetson. Following that, he worked as a part-time research assistant until graduating in December 2007. After passing the Florida bar, Kevin began working as a Law & Science Fellow in May. He brings a variety of creative experience to NCSTL, including a B.F.A. in television and film from NYU, and experience with the television and film industry in California.

Alla is also a 2007 Stetson graduate, with both a J.D. and M.B.A. She began working with NCSTL as a volunteer while attending school. Prior to Stetson, she attended Temple University and earned degrees in Biology and Entrepreneurship, graduating summa cum laude. Alla is a member of the Florida bar, and came on board full-time with NCSTL in August.

We also bid farewell to Angela Lack, who worked with NCSTL as a Law & Science Fellow from 2006 until 2008. She has opened her own law practice in the Tampa area with an emphasis in elder law. We wish her all the best!