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From the Research Desk: Update
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

The past three months have seen some changes in the Research Department. NCSTL says farewell to Law & Science Fellow Alla Zagrebelsky, who has moved on to private practice. We wish her well. We also welcome contract researcher Erica Pless. Erica was a research assistant with NCSTL while she was a law student, and now is a great new addition to our team!

We are in the process of adding new materials to our library collection, generously donated by Ernest Hamm. This collection will be a great addition, helping us fill out back runs of forensic-related journals, and will aid us greatly in filling future InterLibrary Loan requests.

Soon a collection of briefs from the Daubert case will be available. Currently, you can find Daubert amicus briefs in the Resources section of our website. NCSTL is the only freely available online collection of these briefs. As always, the Research Department is working hard to provide you with the resources you need.