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Dr. Susan Zucker, Director of Technology and Distance Education and Publisher of It's Evident

The new NCSTL website has been launched. Thousands of people have subscribed to NCSTL's RSS Feeds: Education & Training, It's Evident, and News.

Many new pages have been added; notably the archived audio casts of forensic experts speaking about various topics.

The new site provides an efficient, non-subscription interface and easy-to-use queries designed to help users access and search the expansive NCSTL database easily and efficiently. NCSTL’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter is growing. NCSTL on Facebook and NCSTL on Twitter. NCSTL invites you to become a fan on Facebook and a follower on Twitter ... Become a fan!

Check out NCSTL online! Design the homepage the way you like by moving the boxes where you want them to be.

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