It's Evident


NCSTL Professional Activities:
  • Director of Research and Director of Technology and Distance Education presented at the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, June 14-16, 2006
  • Deputy Director participated in the 54th Annual Florida Police Chiefs Association Summer Conference, Daytona Beach, Florida, June 25-27, 2006
  • Director participated in the NIJ DNA Grantee Meeting, Crystal City, Virginia, June 26-28, 2006
  • Director participated in the 2006 NIJ Conference as a panel member “Evaluation of Forensic Methods for Ballistic Evidence” Washington, DC, July 18, 2006
  • Director of Outreach testified at a public hearing for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan regarding Federal, State, and local investigations and prosecutions of sexual assaults on confined persons, Detroit, Michigan, August 3, 2006
  • Director presented at the Actual Innocence for Texas Judges, Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers program, presented by The Center for American and International Law in cooperation with The American Judicature Society, Plano, Texas. Presentation topic: Forensic Science Literature and resources – Lessons to be Learned, August 18, 2006
  • Director participated in the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission (NPREC) meeting, August 26, 2006
  • Director presented at the European Academy of Forensic Sciences (EAFS) 2006 Conference, Helsinki, Finland, June 11-17, 2006
  • Director of Research and the Director of Technology and Distance Education presented to students from Florida Metropolitan University, Gulfport, Florida, June 23, 2006
  • Director presented at the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association meeting in Marco Island, Florida, July 10, 2006
  • Director presented at the State of Arizona’s CLE, San Diego, California, July 14, 2006
  • Director presented at the Forensic Science Educational Conference III, St. Louis, Missouri, July 25, 2006
Media Coverage:
  • Director appeared on Court TV as trial commentator on Jami Floyd: Best Defense regarding State of Florida vs. Justin Barber", air date, June 19, 2006
  • The article written by Valerie Stewart, NCSTL Advisory Council Member and Dr. Susan Zucker, Director of Technology and Distance Education, “Sharing Knowledge to Promote Justice,” was reprinted in the Texas State Bar Association’s Government Lawyers Section Newsletter and distributed at the Texas State Bar Association meeting during the week of June 19, 2006 in Austin, Texas. The original article appeared in The Federal Bar Association publication, The Federal Lawyer, in August 2005
  • An article regarding NCSTL “Science, Technology … and the Law” appeared in the Spring 2006 Tech beat produced by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
  • Director interviewed by the CATO Institute on June 21, 2006 regarding a news article about Board Certifying Bodies
  • Director interviewed by Law Enforcement Technology Magazine on June 22, 2006 for an article entitled “One Stop for Science, Technology and Law Information” which will be published in October 2007
  • Director interviewed and provided quotes for a book that will be published by Elsevier Academic Press entitled “Forensic Science Under siege” (forthcoming 2007)
  • Director of Research submitted an article regarding the NCSTL for The Forensic Teacher magazine (forthcoming September, 2006). Director of Technology and Distance Education arranged for the graphics for this issue.