It's Evident


Press, Publications, and Activities: August - September, 2007

  • Director participated in the 2007 NIJ Conference in Arlington Virginia on July 23-24 2007 and served on the panel “The ’CSI Effect’’ on Jurors: Does it Exist?”, 92 people attended.
  • Director presented “Digging Up Dirt on Expert Witness” at the Masters 12 Conference for Advanced Death Investigation at St. Louis University School of Medicine on July 26, 308 people attended.
  • Director of Outreach presented “Overview of Legal Considerations in the Use of Electromuscular Disruption (EMD) Devices” at the 14th National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Conference in Crystal City, VA on July 24.
  • Director attended AAFS Executive Meeting in Washington, DC August 2-3.
  • Director participated in the 2007 ABA Section of Science and Technology Law Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California on August 8-12 and served on the panel “Scientific Evidence in the Courts: What’s on the Horizon” which 30 people attended and on the panel “The Future of Evidence” which 62 people attended.
  • Director offered two training sessions on courtroom testimony in September to attendees from the crime lab and crime scene unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The “Testifying Doesn’t Have to be Murder” Courtroom Testimony Workshop was given on September 6-7 and 10-11 with five students from Stetson University College of Law in West Palm Beach, Florida. Director gave a day long lecture and the second day the students, Tyler Pitchford, Lindsey Granados, Maria Cadagan, Meaghan Leisenfelder, and Salina Klinghammer, performed direct and cross examination of the participants. Their testimony was videotaped and critiqued. 26 people were trained.
  • Director attended the NAS Committee Meeting on “Identifying the Needs of the Forensic Science Community” in Woods Hole, MA on September 20-21.

  • Director was interviewed by Michelle Martin of NPR’s “Tell Me More” in Washington D.C. on July 24.
  • Director of Research was interviewed by Eric Horchy, The Suncoast News “Biometric technology use garners praise from some, critiques from others”. The interview was published on August 4, 2007.
  • Director of Technology & Distance Education wrote Less Lethal Technologies which was published in the July issue of It's Evident, NCSTL's quarterly newsletter. The IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) accepted the article for inclusion in their database in August.