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From the Research Desk: NCSTL Cold Case Toolkit
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

Need information about cold case investigation? NCSTL brings you a hot new resource for cold cases with the inauguration of its Cold Case Toolkit.

Over the past three months, NCSTL researchers have been scouring the Internet to pull together the best links and resources about cold cases. The new Cold Case Toolkit is found in NCSTL's Education & Training section, where you can find links in a variety of categories.

NIJ/DOJ Resources: From the highly regarded Using DNA to Solve Cold Cases, to the Bureau of Justice Assistance's How Cold Case Squads Work to the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, the Department of Justice provides a variety of resources that are useful when dealing with cold cases. Get links to information about funding opportunities, "how-to" articles, research and support offices within the agency, and more!

Law Enforcement Technology Used in Investigating Cold Cases: Link to and learn more about law enforcement tools such as CODIS, IAFIS, NIBIN, and many more!

Police Department Websites that Solicit Information from Visitors about Cold Cases: This extensive chart lists police agencies from around the country that solicit information about cold cases. The chart identifies the agency and its URL, and indicates whether information can be submitted via telephone, e-mail or online form.

Cold Case Investigation Training Opportunities: Looking for a place to learn more about cold case investigation technique? This section identifies and links to organizations providing a variety of cold case investigation training.

Psychological and Medical Resources for Families: Families of victims and missing persons have their own special needs and have created networks and online resources. This section helps identify resources meant for families.

Regional Cold Case Web Resources: The links in this section point toward a variety of online resources geared toward specific geographic areas.

General Cold Case Web Resources: From Court TV cold case resources, to a list of cold case squads, to information about missing persons and wanted criminals, these links connect to a wide variety of websites with one uniting factor: they all provide information about cold cases in one way or another.

Cold Case Bibliography: For further reading, take a look at these books, articles and other resources about cold cases.