It's Evident


Happy New Year from the NCSTL Research Department! The last few months of 2006 were busy ones for the NCSTL research staff.

Congratulations to Marian Daggett, who moved from the position of Law and Science Fellow to Staff Researcher just in time for the National Conference on Science, Technology and the Law in November.

Speaking of the conference, the entire NCSTL research staff shared the benefits of their research knowledge with conference attendees by preparing excellent bibliographies for each of the conference session topics. Additionally, I coordinated and moderated a panel on forensic research, technology and education.

The entire NCSTL research team has also been busy working on updating scientific evidence textbook chapters, which will be published later this year. In addition to those, Staff Researcher Elizabeth Fitterman and I wrote an article about forensic research resources on the web, forthcoming in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology. The text of this article can be found in the Education section of the NCSTL website. Likewise, Staff Researcher Catherine Guthrie collaborated with info pro Sabrina Pacifici on an article for called Identity Theft: A Bibliography of Federal, State, Consumer and News Resources.

During 2006, NCSTL researchers worked closely with nearly 100 Stetson Law students, who earned either or academic or pro bono credit to help develop database content. Our database has grown to over 44,000 entries, which, to date, has been searched over 35,000 times. Our library collection contains 1200 titles, which are all available to the public through Interlibrary Loan from Stetson Law Library.

In the coming year we look forward to continue delivering the best forensic science, technology and law resources and information to be found!