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From the Research Desk...
Diana Botluk, Director of Research

What is forensic entomology? Where can you learn more about questioned documents? Just what exactly is in the forensic psychology topic in NCSTL's forensic database?

These questions and more can be answered in the document entitled Database Topics Defined (, located in the Forensic Database ( informational section of the NCSTL website. This document, prepared by Research Attorney Catherine Bailey, describes each topic in the NCSTL database, provides possible keywords for searching, and identifies other topics that may be related.

Speaking of Catherine Bailey, this quarter is bittersweet for the Research Department as we bid her farewell . Catherine has been part of the NCSTL family since 2005. With the birth of her daughter, Catherine has decided to pursue the career of being a great mom. We will miss her enthusiasm and dedication, but wish her every happiness as she concentrates on her family.