Capital Litigation Initiative Webinars: Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensics Training

In 2016 and 2017, NCSTL is offering a series of webinars about forensic science and scientific evidence. Funded by a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance through its Capital Litigation Initiative, the webinars are intended for potential capital litigators, both prosecution and defense, who want to learn more about forensic science as it relates to capital cases.

Attendees who complete the course are eligible for free Continuing Legal Education credits. Stetson University College of Law's Office of Professional Education will work with each individual participant for reporting specifics. Email for further information and state specific requests.

For more information about the course and CLE credit click here

Forensic Science Essentials: Challenges in Fire Analysis and Document Examination

Forensic Science Essentials: Challenges in Fire Analysis and Document Examination was a webinar offered by NCSTL on June 28, 2017. The webinar includes an overview of each discipline that addresses investigation techniques and types of evidence that can be obtained during scientific fire analysis and forensic document examination.

Toxicology Essentials: Emphasis Opioids

Toxicology Essentials: Emphasis Opioids was a webinar offered by NCSTL on May 31, 2017. The webinar includes a review of the basic toxicology and pharmacology of opioids followed by an overview of the opioid epidemic.

Crime Scene Essentials

Crime Scene Essentials was a webinar offered by NCSTL in partnership with University of Tennessee's Law Enforcement Innovation Center on March 2, 2016. The webinar covers identifying, documenting, processing, preserving and collecting of evidence.

Crime Lab Essentials

The Crime Lab Essentials webinar features an in-depth tour of the crime lab conducted by forensic scientists that covers five forensic disciplines: latent prints, toxicology, drug identification, firearms and forensic biology (DNA).