Special Collections

NCSTL receives collections of unique documents which are proudly made available at www.ncstl.org. Currently, NCSTL has four special collections. They include:
  • The Caywood Collection is an assortment of articles, pamphlets, and other resources from the estate of Douglas J. Caywood, most of which relate to the topics of questioned documents and firearms.

  • The Questioned Document Article Database (QDAD). The American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE) shared its Questioned Document Article Database (QDAD) resources and NCSTL is incorporating the QDAD records into its database.

  • Florida Division of the International Association for Identification’s (FDIAI) historical newsletters. NCSTL is developing an electronic inventory and index of the journals which will allow readers to access their historical content.

  • A Reference Index containing 2836 latent print, footwear, tire track, and miscellaneous forensic examinations files citations were donated by Ernest (Ernie) D. Hamm, expert in latent print, footwear, and tire track examinations.

    If you would like to donate historical forensic documents and/or artifacts, please contact: watson@law.stetson.edu.